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Yokohama Geolandar X-AT G016

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Geolandar X-AT G016


Available Sizes

Tyre Details

The Geolandar X-AT is designed for extreme traction wherever you go, with the strength of a Mud Terrain tyre in an All Terrain pattern. Suitable for 4WDs and Utes requiring durability, long tread life, off road & wet surface traction, on road handling, low noise and a comfortable ride.

Key Features

  • Triple Polymer Compound - Provides longer mileage, anti-cut & chipping, extreme handling and off road traction.

  • Aggressive Tread - New aggressive 2 in 1 block pattern provides extreme off-road traction and superior performance.

  • Alternate Sidewall - Two different sidewall designs to choose from, Protector & Lug.

  • Wide Lug Grooves - Create biting edges for improved off road traction and creates more void area to help expel dirt and mud.

  • Wide Flat Profile - Distributes stress evenly across the entire tread resulting in longer wear and mileage.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
31x10.5R15 109Q
235/70R16 104Q
235/85R16 120Q
265/75R16 123Q
275/70R16 119Q
285/75R16 126Q
35x12.5R17 121Q
37x12.5R17 121Q
37x12.5R17 124Q
245/75R17 121/118Q
265/65R17 120Q
265/70R17 121Q
285/70R17 121Q
295/70R17 121Q
33x12.5R18 118Q
37x13.5R18 128Q
265/60R18 119Q
265/65R18 122Q
265/70R18 124Q
275/65R18 123Q
275/70R18 125Q
285/60R18 122Q
285/65R18 125Q
285/75R18 129Q
295/70R18 129Q
305/70R18 126Q
325/65R18 127/124Q
33x12.5R20 114Q
35x12.5R20 121Q
35x13.5R20 121Q
37x12.5R20 126Q
37x13.5R20 127Q
265/60R20 121Q
275/55R20 120Q
275/60R20 123S
275/65R20 126Q
285/55R20 122Q
285/60R20 125Q
295/60R20 126/123Q
295/65R20 129Q
305/55R20 121Q
37x13.5R22 123Q